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Our utmost ideal:

To be the technological leader of petrochemical and machinery industry.

Our Philosophy:

Technology founds the eternity & Innovation achieves the future

The Philosophy significance:

To customer, it means our products always succeed with high scientific and technological content and continuous innovation.

To investor, it means we will make stable & healthy progress & build a hundred years property.

To enterprise, it means we know Science and technology constitute a primary productive force. And we’re always in the pursuit of the leading of Science and technology.

To employee, it means we’re facing furious competition, only with aggression & persistence we can realize our own ideals.

To society, it means we will serve our country through improving our machinery production capability with strong national emotion.

Our aspiration:

To be the technological leader of petrochemical and machinery industry.

To realize this aspiration, we need to do more:

Focus on technological innovation & improve our machinery production capability to the top level of the world.

Face the customer with honesty & supply them with high technological content products & perfect service.

Build up the brand with elaboration & to be one of the most well-known & reliable enterprises.

Attract talents with kindness & gather the best engineering & managing personnel.

Create brilliant future with aggression, expand our business with fast speed & high stability and achieve the mass effect.

Feedback the shareholder with sincerity, supply the investor with expected reward.

Our Values:

Technology is the motivity of our progress.

Talent is the footstone of our development.

Customer is the first of ours forever.

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