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Our highest ideals:
Industrial serve the country

Our philosophy:
Casting the future of scientific and technological innovative achievements in the eternal

Concept meaning:
* For customers means that our products always win high-tech and innovation continuously;
* For investors, we steadily develop means to build a century-old heritage;
* The company, well versed in science and technology means that we are primary productive forces, science and technology leader in our pursuit;
* Staff, means we face fierce competition, aggressive perseverance can only ideal platform for self-achievement;
* The community, means that we, with strong national feelings, increasing by fan casting manufacturing industry to serve the country level.

Our Vision:
Wind turbines become a leader in foundry industry
To achieve this vision, we need to do:
* Devote themselves to scientific and technological innovation, and strive to make the industry standard among fans of world-class manufacturing castings;
* Sincerity towards customers, never to provide customers with high-tech products and improve service;
* Carefully build the brand, best known as foundry industry and the fan’s most trusted business;
* Love to attract people with the best engineering and management personnel;
* Ambition to open up the future, rapid and steady expansion of our business, achieve economies of scale;
* Really reward our shareholders, provide satisfactory returns for investors.

Our values​​:
Technology is our driving force of progress;
Talent is the cornerstone of our development;
Customers, is our eternal God.
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